Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp
Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp

Suggestions For a Good Reading

• Try to put your mind at ease and relax before you seek a medium’s help. It creates a better atmosphere for the reading and makes it easier for spirit to make contact.

• Let the medium proceed in his or her own manner. Don’t expect your most pressing problems to be discussed at once.

• Spirit provides evidence of identity in many different ways. It may be by name, description, relationships, incidents, etc. Be willing to verify such evidential information so the medium can proceed to any message that is to be given.

• Let the medium know when they are correct. Don’t attempt to confuse them. Be fair.

• Arguing or wanting things done your way makes it difficult for the medium to function effectively and may lead to failure.

• Something may make more sense by the end of the reading, or understanding of the message may come at a later time—after you have had a chance to think about it. So don’t be quick to say "no" to what is given by the medium.

• The true success of a reading. is not always measured by prophecy but by the guidance it provides. Prediction is possible, but you have the power to change coming events.

• A good reading should explain the philosophy of harmonious living. Mediumship is not fortune telling.

• If you wish to ask a question, or questions, meditate on them in advance of the meeting. Give spirit. ample time to get an answer. No spirit claims to have an answer on the spur of the moment. After all, you are communicating with people.

• Don’t try to prolong a reading. The medium realizes when the forces are gone. You are always welcome to come again.


Certified Mediums - Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp




Rev. Stephen G. Adkins (386) 868-9650 Info
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Rev. Patricia Aubrey-Carpenter (386) 228-0091 Info
Rev. Thomas Berkner (407) 699-1509
Hazel West Burley (386) 228-3826  
Marla Chirnside (386) 473-3530
Web Site:
Rev. Ed Conklin, Ph.D. (386) 216-8696 Info
Rev. Judy Cooper (407) 921-0411 Info
Rev. Diane Davis (386) 228-0879
William Deep    
Rev. Dr. Suzanne DeWees  (386) 747-0574 Info
Web site:
Nellie Edwards (386) 228-0168
Web Site:
Nora Esther (386) 451-7201 Info  
Anita Evans (386) 228-2967 Info
Rev. Dr. Louis Gates (386) 228-0288
Web site:
Marie Gates (386) 228-0288
Web site:
Pauline Gold (407) 617-9603 Info
Web site:
Rev. Mary Rose Gray (386) 228-3955
(352) 434-9769
  Web site:
Brenda Gross
Rev. Sandra Helton (386) 228-0688
Web site:
Barbara Joy Hines (386) 228-2680
Dr. Warren Hoover (386) 837-1368 Info  
Rev. Robert Johnstone (386) 473-2555 Info
Web site:
Rev. Maeda Jones (386) 837-1296 Info  
Rev. Gregory P. Kent (863) 207-1164 Info
Rev. Iona Osborne (386) 789-0464 Info  
Rev. Elizabeth "Janie" Owens (386) 822-6941
Web Site:
Joan Piper (386) 228-0435 Info
Web Site:
Richard Russell (386) 479-3369
Joy Sagar (386) 479-5225 Info
Web Site:
Rev. Margaret Schmidt (386) 228-2222 Info
Trish Smith (386) 490-6285    
Rev. Nick Sourant (386) 216-9905
Rev. Dr. James Thomas (386) 451-7214 Info
Rev. Hazel Tomim (386) 228-2483  
Claire Van Cott (386) 801-9051 Info
Web site:
Margarita Varela (386) 215-5161 Info  
Victor Vogenitz (386) 228-4000 Info
Web Site:
Irma Wilkes (386) 747-6864 Info  
Peggy Wilkes-Adkins (386) 228-2534 Info
Web Site:
Rev. Don Zanghi (386) 228-3156 Info

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