Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp
Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp


The Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp™ conducts services on a year round basis. Services are held in the COLBY MEMORIAL TEMPLE on Stevens Street.  Briefly, Sunday Morning church service consists of hymns, a guided meditation healing, a lecture by a different speaker each week, a musical interlude and messages. Everyone is welcome to attend all our services.

 Colby Memorial Temple - Anita Evans Credit

Photo Credit:  Anita Evans

Healing 10:00AM
Church Service 10:30 AM

New! Download the audio file for previous Sunday lectures and meditations

(Andrew Jackson Davis Building)
Sunday 9:30 — 10:15AM

Those of you who have a desire to learn more about the Science, Philosophy and Religion of Spiritualism may wish to attend Adult Lyceum. A different teacher each week will provide an instructive format in which one may learn the truths of Spiritualism and other related subjects.

(Andrew Jackson Davis Building)
12:30 — 1:30 PM

This is a message service where our students and mediums demonstrate the continuity of life in a public setting. This message service is open to the public, right after our Social Hour. Several certified and student mediums work together to bring short messages from spirit to as many people as they can reach in that hour.


 Colby Memorial Temple Platform

laying on of hands

(Colby Memorial Temple)
Healing: 7:00 P.M. - 7:25 P.M.
Message Service: $5.00 7:30 PM -- 9:00 PM

This is a demonstration of Spirit Messages.  Greetings from Spirit are delivered from Mediums and Student Mediums to as many people as possible during the 90-minute service.

Proper dress requested at all Church Services.


Pastor: Rev. Janie Owens (386) 822-6941
Wednesday Service Director: Peggy Adkins (386) 228-2534

Sunday Afternoon Message Service Director: Rev. Janie Owens (386) 822-6941
Lyceum Director: Rev. Dr. Donald J.  Zanghi (386) 228-31

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