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Eddie Canada







(321) 576-3662


Eddie has been aware of his Spirituality since birth.  Both parents have Native American roots.  His mother was Seminole and Irish and his father descended from the Seminoles and whose ancestors, approximately three generations back, were directly related to Sara Missouri Powell, sister of Chief Osceola.  There is also Cherokee, Creek and Creee in the Canada family tree.  This can be verified by observing information on his Grandmothers headstone in Moniac, Georgia.

His roots are deep in the South as five generations of his family and are found to be from the Ft. Christmas, Florida area where he was also raised.  Eddie refers to himself as being a home grown Medium.

He investigated several religions including Baptist and Pentecostal, but always felt most at home with Spiritualism.  His mother and grandmother's teachings regarding his abilities only proved to him what he always knew was true.  He was indeed a natural Medium.

His readings are very evidential and he offers to you exactly what Spirit gives him.  He is a Certified Medium of the SCSCMA and thinks of each of his talents as gifts.  He refers to them as gifts because they give him something each and every day and direct him on how to help those who are in need of information from deceased loved one or in need of closure.

He offers private consultations, telephone consultations and counseling.